Wednesday, May 13, 2015

261. Allen K May 2015

Allen Kostboth was a member of WCB church and is now in Sioux Falls.  He has D Cell Lymphoma which affects his bone marrow.  
Pray that chemo will stimulate white cells in the bone marrow
Pray that he won't get anemia like he did before
Pray for strength through the Holy Spirit
Pray Allen and Jeanette's faith is strong and they feel at peace.

260. Renee May 2015

Renee is Jeremy Peter's sister who is being treated for breast cancer.
Prayer requests:
More energy after chemo threatments
That the treatment is successful and cancer doesn't return again
Praise that it was found early.
Prayer for her mother who lives with her
That her spirit will be uplifted as she looks toward Jesus for strength and joy during this time.

259. Karla V May 2015

Karla V is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  We prayed for the therapy to
be effective, for friends and family to support her and that she will lean on the
Lord in this difficult time.