Wednesday, April 27, 2016

319. Vonna May 2016

Vonna is Susie's friend from Sioux Falls.  Her brother recently died.

316, 317, 318 Gormans May 2016

The Gormans are moving to the west coast where Chris will be an area 
Minister.  We made/prayed these quilts for the children.

316.  Jadan

317. Josiah

318.  Grace

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

315. Bev April 2016

Quit 315:    Bev who needs pain relief in CA. She is Betty's sister in law.

314. Delores April 2016

Quit  314:   For Delores who is struggling and feels lost. Prayed for her to find the good in the day and meet friends at the place she at now (nursing home).

313. Jennifer April 2016

Quilt 313:   for Jennifer who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Prayers for her and her family.