Wednesday, September 15, 2021

September 14 2021. 862.Murphee. 863.Emil. 864.Chad. 865. Rhonda. 866.Nancy

 Thank you ladies for another good night.

We did quilts for 

862.Murphee, a tiny new 1.5 lb. baby….

863.Emil, Kevin and Anna Logan’s nephew, dealing with leukemia

864. Chad and family who lost their dear wife & Mom to suicide….

865. Rhonda, Amy B. cousin battling breast cancer….

866. Nancy who is grieving her husband who died from West Nile.  

Keep all of these special people in your prayers.  Pray constantly that our mission may continue.  That it may be all about the prayers.  Pray for Shan and Shonda as they continue to get things in order after Joy’s death.  Pray for Shan as she prepares again to return to Japan.

Next quilt night will be Sept. 28th……anybody want to bring treats.  Thanks Karen for the delicious treat last night.

Enjoy these wonderful fall days.

Love, Joyce

“Courage doesn’t mean you’re not afraid.  It means you’re afraid but you do it anyway.”

Thursday, August 26, 2021

August 24 2021 854. Alice Schoeberl. 855.Marlene. 856-861.Operation First Rescue

Thanks ladies for another special night at quilting.

We prayed and gave quilts to 


854. Alice Schoeberl….Alice is in the Bethel nursing Home…….


855. Marlene  in South Carolina whose husband committed suicide…pray for these dear ladies.



856-861. Operation First Rescue


Thanks Mary K. for introducing us to Operation First Response.   OFR packs backpacks with clothing and hygiene items for veterans in combat support hospitals.  One of the items in the backpacks is a quilt.  Mary put together 6 tops and we finished them.  Mary will send them to OFR and they will be added to the backpacks.  We will continue to help Mary with this ministry.

There are 5 Tuesdays in August so it will be 3 weeks before we meet again on September 14th.  If anyone is looking for work to do there are several quilts cut out.

We will be donating a quilt to the Materese auction on October 3rd.

Pray for the the foster girls that Nate and Marci are caring for.  Right now they are sick.  Pray for Joy as she struggles with this life.   

Thanks for your faithfulness.

Love, Joyce

Remember we can never outgive the Lord.


Thursday, August 12, 2021

August 10 2021. 849.&850 Nate&Marcie foster children. 851.Justin M. 852.Derek&Alyssa. 853.Debbie

 Thanks ladies for another good quilt night last night.  What a delight it was to have   Nate and Marci bring their little foster girls, to accept their quilts….


851. we also did quilts for Justin Minnaert who faces the challenges of farming as a paraplegic with his wife Kendra, 

852.for Derek and Alyssa Gramstad….Alyssa is dealing with a very serious infection after giving birth to their daughter Kennedy….

853.for Debbie, Thresea Wright’s sister dealing with many medical problems.

  If we have not heard of someone in need of prayer let us know.

The next quilt night will be August 24th.  The summer is ending fast.

Love you all, Joyce


Live by faith one day at a time.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

July 27 2021. 843.Morgan. 844&845. Vicki and Katrena. 846.Wanda. 847.Dan 848.Rich&Norma

 Good morning ladies on another hot summer day but we are so fortunate we don’t need to be out in the sun we can enjoy the cool of our homes.

Thanks ladies for another special night last night.  We did lots of pinning, ironing, sewing, and praying.  We prayed for 

843. Morgan, whose young husband Vincent, age 26, was killed in an accident.  Morgan is also pregnant so needs lots of prayers in the next months…..

844&845. for Vicki Johns and her daughter, Katrena…both have been dealing with breast cancer…

846. for Wanda who had back surgery and has now ended up back in the hospital….

847. for Dan, Sonya Thayer’s nephew, who has cancer and needs a home and a job…

848. for Richard Caldwell who has cancer….


Also keep Randy Wiese in your prayers.  Randy had an accident which resulted with glass in one of his eyes……he is dealing with much pain and not much success in healing.

Our next quilt night is August 10th.  Anybody want to bring a treat?

Enjoy the day… is a gift from God.

Love, Joyce

        “No matter how dark it gets ,we all have to be light for each other.”

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

July 13 2021. 829-839. Local Correction officers. 840.Aiden. 841.Shane. 842. Anonymous couple

 Good morning dear friends on a beautiful rainy day.  God indeed is good.

We had a busy but wonderful night…thank you ladies for all your continued help in our mission.  Last night we prayed for fourteen quilts.  

829-839.  Hannah Reinicke came and accepted eleven quilts for the correction officers at our county jail……

840. we did one for Aiden, a 16 yr. old,  who is having surgery in Scottsdale, AZ…

841. for Shane, a young man who is going through a very hard divorce……

842.  for an unnamed couple who need much prayer.

Continue to pray for our mission….pray that we may be a little light to many people who need prayers……….its all about the prayers.

Our next quilting night will be July 27th…….and we already have a list.

Thanks Ann for the delicious dessert…………..and it really is good for breakfast too.   Does anyone want to bring a treat next time?

Pray for each other….for those on vacation…out to eat…or sick.

Go out and get wet in the rain.

Love, Joyce

       “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”  Philippians 1:6

Friday, June 25, 2021

June 22 2021. 823.Nancy. 824.Lisa. 825.Ruby. 826.Cathy. 827.Marilyn. 828.Al&Joyce.

 Good morning ladies on a beautiful sunny summer day.

Thank you ladies for continuing to work on this mission.  You are all so special.

Last night we prayed for

823. Ann’s friend, Nancy, who has been very ill for months

824.for Lisa our new fabric friend.  Lisa has been our new outlet for buying wholesale batting and fabric….

825. for Ruby Hanson who is recovering from back surgery…

826. for Cathy…Pastor John Christopherson’s wife, who is suffering with ALS 

827. for Marilyn Hope..Karen’s neighbor who has been sick but no diagnosis….

828. for Al& Joyce…Holly’s inlaws celebrating their 50th anniversary.  

Continue to pray for these individuals and for each other.  We all suffer those bad times but we thank God for all the good times…..CHOOSE JOY.

There are 5 Tuesdays in June so we will not be meeting for three weeks…..July 13th is our next date.

Stay safe and enjoy the 4th. … is almost the middle of summer.

Love, Joyce

Be STILL and KNOW that I am God.

June 8 2021. 820.Natalie Vennell. 821.Inez. 822.Ana

 Good afternoon dear friends on another hot day.

Last night we did  quilts for 

820. Natalie Vennell….Natalie graduated from high school….

821. Inez…an acquaintance of Holly, who has been very sick for several months….

822. Ana… a young girl from Arlington who had a kidney transplant. 

Continue to pray for each of these individuals.

Thanks ladies for keeping our mission going.

Next quilting night will be June 22nd.

May we continue to pray and uphold each other.

Love, Joyce

Happiness blooms where seeds of 

Love and Joy are planted.