Saturday, June 15, 2019

June 11 2019 579.Lacey Smith 580.Diane 581.Justin 582.Dr Rick Holm

Good morning ladies.
We had a wonderful working and praying night last night.  It just makes my heart feel so good to see all you ladies join into this great mission.  May we continue to reach out to people all around us.  God loves a cheerful heart and we had lots of cheer last night and lots of work.
We prayed for 
579.Lacey Smith who is being tested for possibly MS.  She is a young Mom.  Marci works with her mom at school.

580.  Diane, Ann’s good friend, who just lost her dear husband…..

581.  Justin, Deann Jensen’s niece’s husband, who fighting a battle with cancer…..he is a husband and young dad

582.  Doctor Rick Holm…who is fighting a long battle with pancreatic and liver cancer….Rick is a good friend of Jeanne Cecil…..Amy B. stepmother…….Look for Rick’s medical articles in the Madison Daily Leader.  He is also on public TV on Thursday nights.  

How fun to have Jeanne and Dave Cecil join us for prayer for Rick.  Jeanne has an appointment today for her medical condition.
Thanks Mary K. for the apple bars.  They also were good for breakfast this morning.
Our next Prayer Quilt meeting is June 25th with Mon. sewers from 10:30-12:00.  You are all welcome to join in whenever you can.  I will continue to crack the whip.
I’m headed to Minneapolis on Fri. for my grandson’s graduation party.  I hope that someone will take time to bring me back home.

Thanks for your big hearts, your laughter, cheer, and prayers.
Love, Joyce
               How can you slow down and notice the work of God’s hands right now?
               How can you encourage others to do the same?

If we stop, look, and listen, we’ll see creation declaring God’s glory.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

May 2019

May 28 2019
We met to celebrate our 3 WCB graduates Carter Wicks, Erin Englert, Ransom Kolbo.  We also prayed for Dodi Young and Family as they are moving to Sioux Falls, and Jeannie Cecil who is having some Medical concerns.  Joyce also gave a quilt for a door prize at the recent Care Giver Symposium held in Madison.

573.  Caregiver conference winner

574.   Carter Wicks.  Carter will attend LATV in Precision Ag.

575.  Erin Englert will attend SDUS in pre- Physical Therapy

576.  Ransom Kolbo is working at Ace Hardware

577.   Dodi and Brian Young and Isaiah are moving to Sioux Falls

578.  Jeannie Cecil  Jeannie is Amy’s Step-Mom who is having some medical concerns

Thursday, May 16, 2019

May 2019 568.Melanie 569.Carina 570.Larae 571.Virginia 572.Michael

May 14 2019
Good morning ladies on a beautiful spring day.
As we look at God’s beautiful handiwork……the green grass, budding flowers and trees, we are reminded that God is indeed in control…….we need to enjoy today to the fullest but then we turn our eyes to the forecast and we see more rain.  Take time to pray for the farmers at this time.  Pray that they may continue to have patience and realize that God is in control….may we turn our eyes to special things.  May we take time to spread our love all around us.  That is what we are all about….taking time to spread our love to so many people that are hurting but also to those who are celebrating.
Thank you ladies for another special night.  We always miss those of you that can’t come and pray that you had a good night.  We prayed for five….

568.  Melanie Weiss, an optometrist in Watertown, who became addicted to painkillers following several surgeries….may she continue to reach out and give her story to help people stay away from this addiction…..

569.  Carina, Karen’s sister-in-law, who has cared for Karen’s father for several years and continues to be a caregiver to many….

570.   Larae Glynn who received the teacher of the year award in Madison….

571.  Virginia Ebsen who is mending from a broken leg and is also suffering from bone cancer….

572.   Michael, Karen’s nephew, who is at Teen Challenge in Iowa for a year…suffering from alcohol addiction…leaving a wife and two young children.

Next quilt night is May 28th.  The high school seniors will be joining us.  Shan Reed will also be joining us.  Pray for the Reed family as they come to get their family home ready to sell.
Thank you for your faithfulness.
Love, Joyce
                                                                        Choose joy

Thursday, April 25, 2019

April 2019 563.Layne 564.Alex 565.Patrick 566.Dallas and Sharon 567.Casey

April 24, 2019
Good morning ladies on a beautiful sunny spring day.  The grass is green and the flowers are popping out of the ground.  God is good.
 We were a smaller group last night but it was very good.  I just cracked the whip harder.  We did quilts for
563.Layne Meyers,  564. Alex Horstman, & 565. Patrick Gallo all who are graduating from Dakota State and have been attending West Center and are part of CRU

566.  Dallas and Sharon Tonsager, brother of Doug Tonsager…Dallas is dealing with lung and liver cancer
567. Casey Materese…..Casey has been on our list for a year….congratulations go to Casey for being chosen teacher of the year in Madison last year.

Thanks Amy M. for the delicious chocolate dessert.  Our next meeting is May 14th.  It will be 3 weeks because there are 5 Tues. in April.  Who would like to bring treats May 14th?

Pray for Marie DeBoer as she settles in to her new home at Edgewood Vista Assisted Living, Room 118B, 3409 East 5th St., Sioux Falls, SD 57103.  Pray for Mary K. and Ann as they are on vacation… in miles.

Thank you for your faithful service.
Love, Joyce
             In what way can you flourish                                       in this moment?
          How can you bring JOY to another?

Thursday, April 11, 2019

April 2019 559. Ewings 560. Dede Prostrollo 561. Sarena 562. Rev Joel Kim

 Wed, Apr 10, 2019, 10:31 AM
Good morning ladies…….we have winter again but we hope it will pass soon.

(Winter storm Wesley)

Last night we had a good and busy night.  We prayed for

559. Paul & Melissa Ewing…..they are missionaries in Japan that we support….Paul had a pace maker put in while in the US but got high fever and infection when he returned to Japan….they removed the pace maker and will put another one in later this month……Paul remains in the hospital until they do the surgery of putting in the pace maker…..

560.   Dede…Amy Meehan’s friend…Dede is going through radiation treatments after some breast cancer……

 561.   for Carissa Lewis sister Sarena who has stage 4 Ewings sarcoma cancer…..Sarena is a young Mom with three children….

562.   Rev. Joel Kim…..the President of Westminster Seminary in San Diego……He spoke at church on Sunday.

Sometimes things happen in our lives that at first you wonder why it happened and then  you start to think…God does not make mistakes.  He allows things to happen for our good and to get us off our duff.  After some hours of laying in bed and wondering what can we do in this community to make a difference right now…..not two years down the line.  ……..Well here goes we are going to make quilts for each of the men in the police and sheriff departments first.  I really think God wants us to push ourselves into caring for people outside of our church…….so how can we make a difference……so here goes I will continue to crack the whip harder.   This is just a start of what we can do.

Ladies you are the best.  Thanks for putting up with me and my ideas.  Remember it is not about us it is all about how God blesses us.

Love you all, Joyce

       Knowing Jesus is the greatest gift we can receive;
            Sharing Him is the greatest gift we can give.

Monday, April 1, 2019

March 2019 555. Bret Moser 556. Barb 557&558. Jeremy and Jackson White

March 27 2019

Good morning ladies on a bright spring day  Everything looks kind of dirty right now but soon the grass will grow and the leaves will appear.
We had lots of coming and going last night but it was another good night.  We prayed for four quilts….two have been on our list a long time..
555.  Brett Moser and his 4 daughters….his wife is in prison 

556.  Barb….Jeremy Peter's sister…..her husband has suffered long with cancer

557.  Jeremy and 
558.  Jackson White…close friends of Stephanie’s….their father died when garbage truck went into the river.
Thank you to each one of you for making this mission possible.  It takes many hands.
Our next work night will be April 9th.  Does anyone want to make a treat?

Know that each one of you is special to me.

              “Generosity is a condition of the heart,                                       not the wallet.”

Friday, March 1, 2019

February 2019 552. CC Hofman 553. Isaac and April K 554. Regan and Becky B.

February 27, 2019
Good morning ladies on a bright sunny morning.  When you look out across the horizon it really is one of God’s beauty’s.

We had a great night last night.  We really got a lot done.  We prayed for three quilts

552. little Cecilia Hofman, Mary’s (only) grand daughter….Cecilia is fighting some medical disorders

 553.  Isaac & April Kurtz…..Isaac is a highway patrol man….we try to remember all these men who work to keep us safe


554.   Regan & Becky Beauchamp…Regan was prison chaplain for 27 years…..their life has been working with inmates…..pray that they may be able to continue their very important and hard work in some way….pray for Regan as he deals with intestinal blockages.


We prayed for Holly’s family as they go through the many difficult times.  Continue to pray for Karen as she goes through therapy.  Mary’s new little grand son is home from the hospital.  Praise the Lord.  Axle was a very sick little baby.

Thank you Ann for the delicious brownies…….I did have one for breakfast….we’ll call it mid morning lunch.   Does anyone want to bring a treat for our next time?....which will be March 12th.

Thank you each one of you for your faithfulness…….God is good.  Continue to CHOOSE JOY.

Really do love you all.

           Become all that God intended you to be.                   Love Him.  Love people. 
              Love the life you’ve been given.