Wednesday, July 25, 2018

490. Hoddy B 491. Ruby H 492. Lisa R 493. Kayla W July 2018

July 25,2018
Many thanks ladies ……for the Monday morning sewers and for all that came out for our quilt night.  May we continue to pray and bless many people.may it continue to be a mission.
Last night we did quilts and prayed for 

490.  Hoddy Braskamp.Corey Braskamps father, who has many medical issues

491. Ruby Hofer, Donna Glanzers sister, she has medical issues and is in the nursing home now

492. Lisa Robson who had a double mastectomy

493. Kayla (Hoekman) Wipf.who graduated from college.  

Continue to pray for these people.
Be sure to tell us if we have missed someone who could use prayers.
Our next quilt night will be Aug. 14th.  We need to be thinking what we want to do for our 10 year anniversary and 500 quilts.  Next time we need to get it on the calendar.   Does anyone want to bring treats for the 14th?
Thank you each one for your faithfulness.

Love, Joyce

Saturday, June 30, 2018

June 2018 482. Marci H 483. Jennifer E 484. Eli Lang 485. Beth S 486. Tom H 487. Nold Family 488. Fabianne 489. Ca'tia

 June 27, 2018
Good morning ladies.  It is a dreary day but find joy in each hour because this is another day that God has given us so let us rejoice in it.
We had another good night last night.  We got lots done.   We prayed for 8 so I think that brings us up to 489.  We need to be thinking of plans for our 10th year and 500th quilt… each of you be thinking.  July 11th, which would be our next regular night is Bible School.  I think we will take a little break and meet again on July 24th.  That sounds like a long time and we still have a list but I think we can make it work.  I really will crack the whip on the 24th…ha.  Mary we won’t party until you get home.  Stay safe.   Sorry Karen that the weather did not cooperate with your camping trip.  Stay dry.

The quilts we prayed for were:
482. Marci Hofman & 483. Jennifer Englert  congratulations on their getting master degrees
 Marci and Jennifer
Tuesday, the ladies of our church (Chapter 809) made Jennifer and I quilts to celebrate our completion of our Masters Program from NSU. Here is a picture to remember the night! #quilting✂️ #graduation🎓 #kodakmomentđź“· #lifelongfriends⭐️ #learning✏️ #blessed🙏 #thankfulđź‘Ť #greattime⏰ #2018🎉 #lovelaughingđź’•

 484. Eli Lang got his 4 yr degree and has an interview at Avera today….pray for him…

485.  Beth Salmen and  486. Tom Heirigs dealing with cancer….  

            487.  The Nold Family, Barb Bishop’s friends whose 25 year old daughter died suddenly last week…..

  488. Fabiane and 489. Ca’tia who are housemothers at the Chain of Love in Brazil. 

    Pray for Lindsey Bishop as she leaves for Brazil for 6 weeks at the end of this week.  She will be helping at the Chain of Love Homes.  Pray for Holly’s mom as she continues to fight her long battle with cancer……pray for Shan Reed as she prepares to leave for Japan on Monday.  Thanks Shan for coming to quilting and being a great help these last months.  We will miss you.
Remember the Prayers & Squares Motto:  “It’s not about the quilt, it’s all about the prayers.” Our goal is not merely to make and give away quilts but to uphold these people in prayer.  May we continue to be prayer warriors.

Love you all, Joyce

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

479. Beth 480. Merle 481. Matt June 12, 2018

Good morning on a beautiful summer day.
Thank you for another good night of quilting, praying, and fellowship together.  Welcome Megan.  We hope that you come back.
We did quilts and prayed for 
479.  Beth Klingbile, who has bone cancer.they are the owners of the Madison bakery 

480.  For Merle Harmderkswith some type of brain tumor.her family has the Buds clean up service

481.  for Matt Glanzer (37) who has colon cancerhe is the nephew of Donna Glanzer.  

Continue to pray for each of these individuals.
Our next quilt night will be June 26th.  I hope that we can get the college graduates done.I have Pam Rowland getting her doctorate, Marci Hofman her masters, Kayla (Hoekman) Wipf and Eli Lang their four yr. degree.  Who have I forgotten?
Choose Joy as you look out on Gods wondrous creations.
Love to you,

Saturday, June 2, 2018