Sunday, December 14, 2014

234. Chris and Kristi Gorman December 2014

Chris and Kristi Gorman served as Youth Pastor at WCBC.
Thanks Chris and Kristi!

233. Mike and Robin Decker December 2014

Mike and Robin Decker served as Youth Pastor at West Center Baptist Church.
Thanks Mike and Robin!

Monday, December 8, 2014

232. Dan December 2014

          This quilt is for Joel's cousin Dan.  
Dan has cancer in many parts of his body.

231. Stacia and Seth December 2014

Seth and Stacia:  Holly's sister in Canada who is expecting a baby.


Baby Update


Fri, 12 Dec 2014 13:36:05 -0600


Stacia Michael <>


Hello all - 


Seth and I just heard back from the doctor with the MRI results.  Hope this information makes sense to you.


When we went down for our tests, they were unable to perform the amniocentesis because there wasn’t a viable space for the to insert the needle.  The umbilical cord was in the way.  So we will not have any information on genetic syndromes or conditions until after the baby is born.  Then they can test blood from the umbilical cord and get results back in about five days.


I was cooperative and laid very still for the MRI but baby was not.  So there was quite a bit of movement, making reading the MRI difficult.  That said, the radiologist does believe that the corpus callosum is present in our baby.  This is the band of fibers that connects the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  This is good news.  It significantly lowers the list of potential genetic syndromes and other complications.  They aren’t able to say definitively that it is present because of the difficulty in reading the study, but they do believe the corpus callosum to be present.  Other than that, all they noted was the ventriculomegaly – too much fluid on the brain.  The amount of fluid on the brain, though, has not increased in any of the tests and may have shown a slight decrease in this most recent ultrasound.  Basically, it is stable, which is more good news in our world.


So we continue to not have a diagnosis, but this most recent information is all good news that does rule out some of the more concerning potential diagnoses.  Please continue in your prayers for our little one and for us as we make plans.  We are in the process of trying to move two of our five foster children to make space in our home and our lives for baby’s arrival.  Pray that the transition won’t undo the progress they’ve been able to make over the last several months.  Pray that their mom can find stable housing.  Once that is arranged, reunification seems very possible for them. We also have to make plans for the kids that remain in our care when baby arrives, which is difficult because we just don’t know what baby’s needs are going to be.  Will we be a week or a month in the hospital in Saskatoon?  It makes planning for our other littles more of a challenge.  Pray that God can smooth these paths because they seem pretty rocky and bumpy right now.


Thanks so much for your prayers.


Love, Stacia & Seth



230. Jan M. December 2014

                   Jan is Shonda (Reed) Mobley's mother-in-law. Jan has breast cancer. They did a lumpectomy. They are looking at chemo in the new year.