Saturday, August 25, 2012

Quilt buddies at work

Hitomi August 2012

Mildred O. August 2012

Mildred Olson is Donna Fawbush's mother.  She has been having
heart problems and had to go to the Nursing Home.
Praise God for her long, productive life (97 going on 98!)
Pray for continued healing, comfort, increasing independence and
companionship for Mildred.

Phyllis S. August 2012

Phyllis S is Roger Reed's sister.  She recently discovered
that she has breast cancer that has metastisized.
Pray for effective treatment.
Pray that Phyllis would come to know Jesus.
Pray for Roger and Joy as they communicate with
Phyllis and share Christ's message of salvation with her.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Abram M

              Pictures from Baby Abram M's quilt

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vern S

July 2012

Vern and Alice Schroeberl.
Vern recently suffered from a stroke and is now in Rehab at Golden Living Center in Madison.
 Pray for recovery for Vern so that he may return to his own home.
Pray for strength and comfort for Alice and the rest of the family as they face life changes and difficult decisions.

Maura R

July 2012
Prayer Quilt for Maura Randall (Jim's cousin's wife) who has
been battling different forms of cancer since 1986.  She is now
considering having a bone marrow transplant.
Pray for comfort, strength, for the Doctors to offer good
treatment options, for her family to continue to be strong
in continuing to support and care for Maura.