Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sharon S September 2013

We made this quilt for our friend Sharon who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and recently had surgery.  We prayed for healing for her, and comfort for her and Alvin as they face the results of the testing and the next steps in the process.  Sharon has developed a wonderful relationship with her surgeon.  She also loves Jesus; we prayed that they can Lean on Jesus for support.

Dear family & friends:  On October 18th I went to the oncologist.  She 
was very thorough in explaining things to me. She said "Sharon, I want 
you to know that as of now you have no cancer.  You carry a red flag as 
our marker to indicate to us that you are a high risk candidate.  I want 
you to go home and enjoy your life to the fullest."
I went to my surgeon on October 21st and he was satisfied with how 
things were progressing .  I asked him many questions and he told me 
what the oncologist had said about the red flag as their marker.   If I 
have any indication that something doesn't seem right I am to call the 
surgeon immediately.  I have an appointment with the surgeon in 6 months 
and will continue to see him every 6 months in the future.
 From the bottom of my heart I want to say THANK YOU although that seems 
so inadequate.  You have been so faithful in praying for me; sending 
e-mails; sending cards; sending scripture verses; phone calls & hugs.
In one of the first e-mails that I sent I stated that I knew that God 
had chosen the surgeon and now also the oncologist.  It has been 3 
months in which I have learned to enjoy each new day and to depend on 
God for my daily strength because He is always there for me.  As a 
portion of the song "BECAUSE HE LIVES"  says 'But still the calm 
assurance:  This child can face uncertain days because Christ lives.  
Because He lives I can face tomorrow.'             Sharon

SHOPPI September 2013

Shoppi is our new friend from Japan. She visited Shan, Joy and Roger Reed recently, and we enjoyed getting to know her.  She has a kind heart, and loves Jesus.  We prayed that she may touch many friends in Japan.  We prayed for her family.  We are thankful that she had some time to spend with the Quilt Ladies!

October 25, 2013
Hello, Joyce !
How have you been ?
Nice prayer quilt which Prayer Quilts members made for me arrived !!  Thank
you !!   I love it !!
                              Bless you !!
                                     In Him     Shoppi

Friday, September 13, 2013

Dennis and Judy September 2013

Dennis and Judy are friends from WCB Church.  Dennis has been facing some major health
issues lately.  We prayed for healing, strength and comfort for Dennis, for patience and endurance for Judy, and for the health care team to know the best means of treatment.  

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Langden is a child of Holly's friend in North Dakota.  While being treated for pneumonia
they found he had some heart issues that required heart surgery.  He is recovering from the surgery now.
We prayed for healing for him; for his parents and family as they care for him.  We thanked God that the heart problem was identified and could be repaired.

Marilyn B. September 2013

Marilyn Belatti is a friend and neighbor of Joyce's who recently broke her
hip and is now recuperating.  She has moved to Assisted Living.  We prayed
for her recovery, for patience for her and her husband Dick as they face the
many adjustments they need to make.

Shan and Shoppi

Shan Reed, our friend and Missionary to Japan joined us for quilting.  She brought her delightful friend Shoppi who is also visiting from Japan.  We had a wonderful time quilting and praying for Shan and her work, and then celebrating her birthday with a homemade Angel Food cake made by Joyce.  

Hellow, Joyce (*^^*)  This is Shoppi ^ ^
I was verry glad to see you!!
Joyce, You are nice and so cute lady ^_-☆
Thanj you for your time(^_-)
I was much impressed last night !!!
I'm happy we are sisters in christ!!!!!
I'm really looking forward seeing you (^_-)

                              Bless you!!!!!
                                                IN HIM