Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lynne November 2013

Lynne is Chris Benning's sister from the Redfield area.  She is undergoing cancer treatments in Aberdeen.  Their mother also died last week.  We prayed for Lynne's health and healing, for her family and caregivers, and that she will be open to help from relatives, friends and neighbors.  We prayed for unity and understanding for the family in the face of these life changing events.

Reg and Marli W. November 2013

This quilt was made and prayed over for Reg and Marli.  Reg recently had back surgery and is recovering.  We prayed for healing, peace, comfort and pain relief.  We prayed for patience for Reg and his caregivers, and his faithful wife Marli.  We are thankful for their friendship and involvement with West Center Baptist Church.

John and Norma K November 2013

John is Thresa's friend from Tennessee.  He has had many health problems including  knee problems.  He is having his 8th surgery on this knee.  We prayed for healing of the body, peace, continued Faith, hope, physical strength, physical rest, and optimism.  We prayed for his care givers, doctors, and that John can accept God's plan for his life.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Barb F

This quilt was made for Barb Fiege who recently
 lost her son in a tragic farming accident.


Ashley is Gloria's niece whose 2 year old son recently died.  
We prayed for Ashley and her family as they mourn the loss of this child.