Wednesday, March 28, 2018

451. Rachel 452. Phil & Nancy 453. Ewings 454. Vetters April 2018

Good morning ladies on a bright sunny day.
We had a very busy night.  It was good.
We prayed for 
451.Rachael a friend of Angelas who had surgery for colon cancer

452. Phil & Nancy, Joels aunt and uncle, whose 32 year old son just took his own life

453. Pastor Dave and Jean Ewing 

454.  Steve and Carol Vetter

We sewed on 6 more quilts, laid out and pinned 7 quilts.then add the 4 we prayed for that is 17.  
Thank you each one of you ladies for making this ministry possible.  As you can see it takes many hours and many steps but it is so much fun.  What a blessing to be able to pray and give these quilts to many people.  Who have we forgotten?  Please bring us your requests.
Thank you Betty and Shan for bringing treats last night.  Who would like to bring a treat for our next meeting time on April 10th?

As we look toward Good Friday and Easter may we always thank God for all He has given us.  He gave His son and then HE AROSE on Easter.  May our faith continue to grow.

Love, Joyce

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

450. Tedd and Peg March 2018

Tedd (and wife Peg) is Marian's nephew who is battling cancer.

449. Sandy M March 2018

Sandy  is our friend from WCBC; she is a counselor
and cares for many folks in her  job and in our community.

448. Terry L March 2018

Terry is the janitor at WCBC and the "greeter".
Thanks for all you do Terry!