Thursday, December 6, 2012

Eric H.

Eric Halseth
November 2012

Eric Halseth was in a motorcycle accident. He is the son of Mike and Sharon Halseth.  They have experienced a miracle of God's healing in Eric's recovery.  He was taken off life support and expected to die, then woke up and is making progress in his recovery.  We prayed for continued healing and patience for Eric, strength and peace for his family as they support him in the rehabilitation that he is going through; and for complete healing.  Praise God for the miracle of life!

Sharon Halseth

Jim and Caroll C

Jim and Caroll Cordts November 2012

Jim has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Pray for peace, endurance, patience and peace for Jim and his family.  Also pray for safe travels and for the doctors and caregivers.  Pray for healing and return to health.