Wednesday, May 24, 2017

389. Reem May 2017

389.  Reem           May 2017

Reem is Barb's friend from Jordan.  They have a new baby girl and will be returning to Jordan in June.

388. Doug T May 2017

388.  Doug T.   May 2017


Doug will be getting a new knee in early June.

387. Bertie T. May 2017

Bertie T.  May 2017

Bertie brings her dogs up to visit patients at the hospital.  It brings smiles
to the patients and has helped her since her husband died.


386. Dann & Lynn C May 2017

                     Dann has been dealing with some medical issues

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

385. Alice D. May 2017

                                               Pray for Alice Dixon who is fighting lung cancer

384. Racheal May 2017

Praying for Racheal  (Mary Kenyons niece) and 7 yr. old twins, Korben and Harry. 
                             Racheal came home from work one day and found her 42 year old husband 
had died in his chair of a heart attack

383. Haley May 2017

Haley is Lori Biersbacks 11 month old niece, who is being treated for neuroblastoma.  She has spent much of her life in the hospital.  Pray for this young family as they go to the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion

382. Carissa. May 2017

Carissa Lewis just graduated from Dakota State and is searching out what is in store for her.