Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Diane B

Diann Balling is our friend from WCBC.  She has recently been in the Heart Hospital and faces some serious health concerns. Pray for peace for her and her family, for God's blessings, and healing for her body.

Bob and Carol R. July 2013

Bob and Carol R.

Bob Reed is Roger's brother. He has been diagnosed with cancer
and is undergoing treatment.  We prayed for healing and comfort for
Bob and Carol, his wife, as they face the cancer and treatment.  We prayed that they
can rely on Jesus for His support and salvation.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


June is Gloria's sister.  She has faced many health problems recently, including colon cancer and heart problems.  She has 3 sons and is a widow.  June has a strong faith which has helped her through these challenges.  We prayed for healing for her, for strength and comfort for her and her family.  We praise God for her strong faith and for her caring sister who helps her along her journey.

Diane L July 2013

Diane Lewis is Pam Rowland's Mom.  She has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and is facing Chemotherapy.
We pray for healing and strength for Diane and her whole family in this challenge.  We pray for peace and comfort for them as well.   Thankful that Diane knows her Savior and can rely on Him.